Top 11 Causes of Burning Feet & Peripheral Neuropathy [Instant FIX?]

Almost 10% of people will develop numbness, burning, or tingling in the feet, toes, and legs. We review the most common causes …

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16 thoughts on “Top 11 Causes of Burning Feet & Peripheral Neuropathy [Instant FIX?]”

  1. I have some kind of nerve issue in my right foot and (slightly less) in my right hand. I had T2 diabetes, but that is controlled now (keto diet, berberine). Also some lower back issues, which I am improving slowly with Pigeon stretches, mega-dose Benfotiamine, and agmatine sulfate. I have been taking most of the recommended Diabetic Neuropathy supplements, with no results (thus I think it is not that, maybe a pinched nerve or sciatica or something). Been to chiro, did back decompression and also thoracic decomp as well (honestly, I think they had no clue what was wrong with me). Most results I have gotten so far was from a stretching service, that has loosened my very tight glutes, hamstrings, and hips. I also do BioFreeze Pro on my feet twice per day, seems to control the pain there.

    I really want to know EXACTLY what is wrong, so many symptoms overlap. Is it Sciatica, is it Piriformis Syndrome, pinched nerve??? Who is the best to evaluate me, a podiatrist like yourself? GP? nerve specialist (sound expensive AF)? I appreciate your videos greatly, hope you can direct me to some help.

  2. Does weather play a factor in hot feet and palms of hand? I notice that when the summer begins or I’m on vacation in tropical or humid places my feet and hands become unbearably hot. I went to a neurologist had a battery of tests which all came out fine.

  3. My Dr put me on Sinimet over 30 yrs ago for RLS, 1 at bedtime nightly and the problem was / is gone in a half hour. The prescriptive name Is Carbidopa /Levodopa. It's an anti parkinson's med but works in this secondary way. I have had no side effects. I couldn't sleep without it. I'd love to find an herbal remedy though.

  4. I’m 70, slim, exercise most days and my feet tend to get red and burn at night. I have bunions. Soaking in cold water soothes them but I’m wondering why they get like this. I occasionally get RLS if I’m up too late.

  5. I have peripheral I am 70 years old Iowa diagnosed when I was 63 now my doctor told me that my blood sugar was a little high and yet I don't understand I ran out of blood pressure medicine and I told them but when I went to the doctor long story short another week and get my medicine so I really don't understand and he told me at the time that I didn't have sugar I am 70 years old now and I don't know what's going on like I said I've been when I checked me everything was good but I just don't understand

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