Turn Books Into Cash Shopping At Ollie’s – Amazon FBA

retailarbitrage #amazonfba #reseller #unstoppablejosh I show you how to go into Ollie’s and find books to resell it n Amazon …

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34 thoughts on “Turn Books Into Cash Shopping At Ollie’s – Amazon FBA”

  1. Hey Josh- newbie question but why not just grab all the composition books (or any book making good profit with decent sales volume)? I understand it could take a couple months to sell the 5-7 there but at $5-$6 profit each one I guess I don’t see why not grab all of them?

  2. Back in 2017 I went to school in Milwaukee and needed extra money, I ended doing all the Dollar Trees in the area there had to be over 50. Found tons of profitable books with crazy ROI, a lot of them had the remainder mark dot on them, I sent in over 2k books with remainder marks as new and I never had one complaint. So absolutely worth the risk, even if you do get 1 bad feedback over a book after let’s say 500-1000 books the amount of money you will make will absolutely out way the 1 negative feedback on your AMZ account. And when your doing 6-figure volume sales getting a couple negative metrics on your account (as long as they aren’t counterfeit claims/inauthentic Item claims) they won’t affect your AMZ account one bit.

  3. You can find some good stuff in there. That's my main place to go. I've noticed that some Ollies have a different selection in books. I went to one that was further than my normal store and found a book that would make me $8 profit. The rank was around 13k and they had a lot of them. I bought 70 copies and sold them all in a 2 weeks. One customer bought 30 copies at once.

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