23 thoughts on “Typical ML Compensations at FAANG-like companies”

  1. Great video. Listing down some of the other salaries at FAANG level companies that are offered at entry level.

    Data Analyst- CTC 12- 15. Base(8-10)
    Business Analyst(reporting and analytics role)- CTC 13-15 (Base 8.5-10)
    Business Analyst(Strategy/product related)- CTC 15-18(Base 11-13)
    Associate Product Manager- CTC 16-20 (Base 12-14)
    SDE- CTC 20-25(Base 13-15)

  2. I had a question in my mind for long years. I would like to know benifits among two types of product based companies 1. Public listed. 2. Not public listed
    1. Most of the product based companies are public listed companies so that they will include stocks in salary.
    2. But some companies are not public listed companies. Such companies will usually give bonuses for quarterly or for a particular period.

    Let's say we two similar companies but one is public listed and another is not. In such case, which company we should choose for better career in terms of salary compensation.

  3. Sir, I am having 4 years experience in dotnet and mainframe in service base company now want transition in to ai please guide me, education background mca

  4. Great Video sir, does your course teach the skills expected to be at MLS 3 position? basically which roles fit into someone who finishes your machine learning program? Thank You

  5. Sir I have 15 months of working experience as a developer and after that i have a gap of almost 3.5 years.
    So can i expect calls from companies after doing applied Ai course.
    Pls tell me as i am really vry much intrested to work as data scientest/Ml roles .

  6. What all additional skills are required for MLS 2 role along with Machine Learning, Data Structures, Algorithm Design, Programming(using Python) and databases(SQL and NoSQL)?

  7. What should I do to get into FAANG in 1.5 to 2 years assuming I just started working as a Machine Learning Engineer at a small startup as a fresher.

  8. Thanks a lot for the Video, Sir. I would also like to understand if the compensation mentioned above holds good for candidates who has only a bachelors degree (Non IT) for FAANG like companies

  9. 1.For ml engineer or applied scientists role m.tech or phd is necessary??? because i saw most of the applied scientists are m.tech or phd holder.
    2.After b.tech software developer in service based company with 2-3 years of experience , after doing applied ai course can they apply or eligible applied scientists role in faang like company???

  10. Sir I am a manual tester with 1 year of experience in a service base company, can I expect of mls1 role after completing applied ai course with true efforts

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