22 thoughts on “Uncovering the Truth Behind These Shady Abandoned Supercars #detectivespot”

  1. maybe a gray market import from europe, not insured bc it was gray market, and offered a cash reward to find it, not thru police, bc, again, GRAY MARKET. maybe then the car was hot and dropped it off somewhere.

  2. alguien le vendio por los 100k un lambo rob y una vez con ese lo clono haciendolo pasar por el suyo pero como no penso hacerse visible lo dejo al olvido es de un arabe

  3. I have 3 ideas. First is that this car was stolen by the owner to get money from insurance, second is that someone bought it from eu illegally and third idea is that mb this car was stolen actually and The vin code was interrupted
    ( This format is very good and I think that we all need more detective stories about abandoned cars)

  4. Love the Detective segment Gordon. Can you claim cars in the U.S? In the U.K we can claim cars if Abandoned, and if no owner comes forward I believe you can own it.

  5. I like this talk but i dont like that yall went on his property and took vin and trying to investigate something u have no business of being in. Even if it is vin changed or w.e dnt mess with pplz property udk who they are or what they can do.

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