UX Researcher ONSITE Job Interview | Portfolio & 1 on 1 Interviews | PART 2 | Zero to

Back with PART 2 of the UX Researcher Interview tips! This video, we break down the ONSITE job interview, which includes the …

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15 thoughts on “UX Researcher ONSITE Job Interview | Portfolio & 1 on 1 Interviews | PART 2 | Zero to”

  1. This whole series with Paula has been really valuable. I'll definitely come back to these before preparing for an interview. Thank you Kevin and Paula!

  2. Hi Kevin! Thanks for the videos, it's been extremely helpful in framing what to expect from interviews. I did have a question that was similar to a question already posted, but how do you deal with conflicting results in your research? So for example, you show three different UI's to your subjects and they all get an equal amount of votes – how would you think about this? Or let's say that how people behave is quite different from what they are saying – how do you deal with these results? I would be happy to lay down my thought process for these but it would also be great to hear from an experienced UX researcher.

    Thanks again for your help with these videos!

  3. Hi Kevin, another brilliant and immensely helpful video, thanks so much!! I have a question about the task based interview question where a company may ask you to formulate a research plan based on "a problem you've worked through that the company have given you" as Paula says at 7:19. I am currently in the process of doing exactly this in an interview. Do you have any additional insights on this? Do you think that showing your process "your workings" behind your research plan is the key element? Thanks again for all the badass videos and tips, its definitely helped me get through a recent first round interview!

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