9 thoughts on “What I Sold on Amazon FBA in March”

  1. Great sales! Congrats! ? When you sell used VCR tapes? Do u test them first? Curious-Because I have all the Disney ones from when my girl was little. N a lot of them are collectible I'm seeing. I know I have some Black label editions. Have a great night! I'm still contemplating on FBA- seeing these videos just makes me wanna do it:-) luv, hugs and prayers?? Stay real

  2. Hi,
    We are a pro amazon seller in China, we make 500K USD sales per month. I am wondering is there any possibility that we could work together? let's say you source the potential hot items, and we will list on Amazon to sell? anyway, we could discuss more details info later on. please reply.

  3. I need you to make video on the following topics. 1 – how to make sure that you don't end up negative $ in AZ inventory & misc fees on an item. (When do you just ditch it?) 2. – why are there sometimes multiple listings for the SAME EXACT item. Which should one choose? 3 – how does one use Etsy for vintage and how does linking Etsy store to EBay store work?

  4. Hi Margaret. Are you a pro seller account? The one you pay 40 a month. I am but not selling enough to make it worth it. Trying to figure rather it's worth it or not. Your thoughts?

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