What Percentage Of Republican Voters Are Racists? (w/Guest Mark Pocan)

Thom is joined by Representative Mark Pocan (Co-Chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus ) for Middays with Mark, …

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7 thoughts on “What Percentage Of Republican Voters Are Racists? (w/Guest Mark Pocan)”

  1. He needs the rallies to sell hats, tee shirts and in General pad his pockets…. he is not campaigning, he is fleecing his . base. I pray their children do not die fighting his fights. I hope our law enforcement has not been infiltrated by the neo-Nazis/ white supremacists. May some group stand up and preserve what is left of our Nation.

  2. Trump gives lip service to hating the KKK, neo-Nazis, etc. but it's meaningless because in the next breath he panders to the racist feelings of his base. Trump is an empty shell with no moral core of his own and uses the worse actors among us to stroke his monstrous ego.

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