36 thoughts on “What to Sell on Amazon? – How to Find the BEST & HOTTEST Products on Amazon FBA &”

  1. Great video! I’m looking for the link to the 2 hour video for beginner. I don’t see the link in the description. Thank you so much for all of your knowledge!!

  2. Hi i am a new seller with no seller performance history (eg order defect rate, pre fulfillment cancel rate etc) yet in amazon. I just got my seller account (professional, FBA). Wish to explore into dietary supplement category (private label) and yes i know its hard and need paperwork/certification.

    Put the certification/paperwork aside, biggest concern is whether a seller performance history required to be approved to sell supplement on Amazon? This is because as a new seller, there is no seller performance history in Amazon yet.

  3. Great Video! I will try to go deep on these niches and find low competition products for my low budget.
    Now I still have 20 great videos to watch (20 new likes for You !!).
    And I`m preparing myself to watch the last one 2:18 minutes. ( I will drink a Strong IPA when I finish this one LOL) !!

  4. Awsome video! I was gonna click away as I thought it's the same generic way to search products but was pleasantly surprised! Thank you for sharing! I suscribed right away!

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