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  1. hi, im just beginner and its a blessing to find you! video that just give a good info is really hard to find. it looks so overwhelming to me. ther is a place that you are answering questions?? –>>thank you.!

  2. I no longer recommend the first site I mention, in the five years since this video was made they have gone downhill in terms of customer service, check out my channel for my latest 2013 edition of this video, it's the latest one on there right now. Cheers, Andy

  3. Great info! Reference buying possible fake brand name products from China, a friend had ordered a simple box of baseball hats which were eventually all impounded by NY's customs. Take precaution.

  4. Aliexspress´╗┐ is the retail part of Alibaba.com which is a supplier hub where you can find wholesale stock from all over the world, this is a good place if you want to import stock but you have to be careful that you don't get into a deal that turns out to be a scammer or not real at all. It's a very good resource but you need to sort out the good from the bad which can be tricky.

    They are the marketplace so don't offer any dropship service themselves but you can find a dropshipper on there.

  5. Great Advice Andy, especially for those Starting out but I advice trial a few things on your site/squeeze page first after searching for hot selling products even top 10 on E bay etc & find them or close related products that are hot @ local shops Now @
    Drop Ship them through yore site hint free Word press sites is OK to start off with!

  6. I would be very careful of that site, I have had a quick look and its offering designer clothes and big name branded stock coming from china. This looks very much like fake products to me so I would stay well clear.

  7. @1000faizu It really depends on what you are looking to sell, or what your goals are online, for more in depth help on this subject check the Wholesale-Help Members Club it's currently free membership.

  8. @TheLFCFAN2010 What a good question, I have replied in a post on the Wholesale-Help website where I can write a longer answer, the link to the site is in the details box of the video. Andy

  9. hello buddy,
    iv got a tradekey account an i duno if its just me being paranoied
    but i feel like every seller on there is a scam artist… i duno why… even the gold members with like 3000+ trust points dosnt make me feel any differnt
    can you tell me or even give me links to tradekey members that are reliable an that can be trusted??
    it would be very greatly apprecated

  10. HI Andy0Lawrence:

    You have shared a very valuable advice regarding wholesale dropshipping services. Finding a reliable wholesaler is every difficult as well in this rapid changing world. what do you recommend?

  11. Are they quick to send items/ dealing with returns? When I physically have the products I know I can send quickly and deal with returns, so would worry about negative feedback.

  12. @Bennyclay661 Yes, there are logistics agents and what's called "Forwarders" that will store your stock in their warehouse and ship each item as and when they are sold, obviously this comes at a cost for the storage and for the handling of your goods, however if the profit in each item is high enough this is certainly a possibility.

  13. @Bennyclay661 Profit is generally linked to the selling price of the item so you will find stock with a profit margin of $50 or more but generally you will pay more for the item in the first place and therefore need more capital to invest in your stock purchasing. For example 100% mark-up means you would be paying $50 per item to sell for $100 so in bulk your stock purchase could be $25,000 – $50,000.

  14. @Andy0Lawrence thanks for all the info, instead of do the work posting the items you get delivered to your house would it be better to have them posted to your own small distrubuter if there is such a thing, so you can just send them an email and they post it? also do sell any products that give you a $50 profit or more?

  15. @Kmacster Generally, the easier it is to obtain the stock the less profit there will be. If a distributer lets you buy branded stock in small quantities you can be sure he will be keeping the lion share of the profit in return for tying up his own money in large quantities of stock, re-packing the stock in smaller quantities and shipping it out to you.

  16. @Kmacster The only way to get really great prices is to work a little harder, find suppliers at source and arrange the shipment yourself, this obviously means more work, more up front cost, more risk, but ultimately more end reward.

  17. @Bennyclay661 Also if buying from manufacturers you will generally be buying in larger minimum quantities then from a distributer so it depends on how much you have to spend and if you have the room to store the stock. Some factories will expect you to take at least half a container load. that's quite a bit to fit in your garage!

    Any more questions Benny just give me a shout and I'll expand more in a video.

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