33 thoughts on “Why I Quit Amazon FBA”

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  2. It's a f**king joke now.

    The majority of people doing it well now are the stores that are 2.5 + years into their Amazon journey, so I'm not saying money can't be made. It's just alot of bullshit pitfalls, everchanging made up bullshit rules, exorbitant fees and just general illogical fuckery.

    There's also a new method being taught (rife in the UK, not sure how prevalent it is in other market places), where you can register trademarks and effectively monopolise big brands and kick off any competition by filing an IP complaint and changing the actual brand name to your company name despite the packaging not having your brand name on it.

    Like Cadbury chocolate…big brand, everyone known the logo in the UK. IP complaint filed from a listing owner who put their name as the brand when its blatantly not. Amazon remove the other seller from the listing and expect them to have an invoice from the person that reported them! WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK? You then have to basically admit to something you didnt do against a person who actually DID what they've accused you of, and have your account blacklisted for 6 months and if you have any other minor infraction during that time, that's your account gone!

    A high school friend has £56k in his account Amazon will not allow him to collect for spurious reasons they have been unable to defend. After this happened to him, it made me see how easily it can happen so I've not restocked any ASIN's on their site but stepped up my marketing on my standalone site and plunged lots into marketing elsewhere….I'm in a position to be able to pack orders myself from 6pm until 2am, sleep until 7am, take packed orders to the post office before my 9-5 starts and pay my little sister to update tracking numbers.

    I'm in the process of finding a 3rd party fulfilment centre, and still on track to quit my day job by summer but effectively, FUCK AMAZON. They treat sellers like fucking idiots and I'm tired of it.

    So, you can effectively do what the fuck you like under the watchful eye of Seller Central, even if it defies logic.

    Amazon is a fucking joke and seller (lack of) support are useless brain dead zombies.

  3. Hi Travis, hope you're doing well. thank you for all your videos, I have three questions if you don't mind:
    1- I am a beginner and I want to start soon so what do you recommend starting with your program or trying Walmart market?
    2- I am from France is your course suitable for me?
    3- there is only 6 place left so if you can give an answer to purchase the course and start quickly
    thank you

  4. Hey Travis, does my business address on Amazon need to be the same address that my LLC is registered to? Can I use my home address as my Amazon business address while having my LLC registered to a different location?

  5. I made my own logos last night on Canva Pro and just finished checking with the USPTO to see if anyone else has registered the names I chose but I will wait until I talk with the mentor u assigned me on Wednesday to do it. I think it's Ryan.

  6. So you have been promoting Amazon all this time and now you are say something else? What exactly are trying to achieve by confusing and wasting peoples time on courses and other expenses. Joker

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