26 thoughts on “Why I quit Amazon FBA After 30 Days – Retail Arbitrage”

  1. Thanks for having me be a part of this GREAT dive into what selling on Amazon actually is like! I know R.A. isn't for everyone, and I'm glad you figured out what works best for you!!! Can't wait to see your success on this channel, too!!!

  2. I feel like this video is a bit misleading. I agree with your point that retail arbitrage that what you make is what you put into it, but I wouldn’t say that Amazon fba is not scalable. I would say that doing retail arbitrage alone is the why one cannot scale a store, but if you bring in multiple sourcing/distributor strategies it will allow you to scale. Big ticket items are key.

  3. I make a great living doing mostly Retail Arbitrage. You can't build a real business in 30days, but just the fact that you made any money shows the potential. You can scale so fast & later use that cash to jump into the more passive businesses like dividends, real estate etc

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