18 thoughts on “Your 4 Options For Selling On Amazon In 2023”

  1. So you're considering starting an Amazon FBA business this year (2023), do you know what your options are? In this video I cover the Amazon models called retail arbitrage, dropshipping, private label and wholesale.

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    00:00 Introduction
    00:56 Retail Arbitrage
    03:10 Shulex VOC
    06:00 Dropshipping
    07:45 Private Label
    11:23 Wholesale

  2. I have been doing Retail Arbitrage on Amazon for a couple of years as a business. RA is not like what you are saying. I have 6 figures of revenue every month. It is scalable, and I don't move from one place to another. I can even buy my stuff online with free delivery from Walmart & Target for example. Amazon also never had an issue with me doing Retail Arbitrage.

  3. Hey! Tatiana you are my favourite youtuber and I love your vlogs so so much you are my inspiration and I wish you reach 500K Subscribers very very soon!✨☺️❤️

  4. I’ve never been this early. Absolutely love you, and wanted to quickly say that you’ve really helped me turn my life around. ? I finally have a permanent place to live which I haven’t had since I was 12. It means the absolute world. The way you framed things in your videos for us about mentality changed everything..thank you for being you.

  5. The hard part must be convincing the wholesaler to allow you to sell their products, so may have to reach out to a lot of wholesalers to get one to pick you, and of course, what profit do you get is another thing to consider. My preference would be private label, but I suppose it would take a lot more research to find that product that has low competition and decent search.

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