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  1. Since YouTube already deducts 45% by taking their cut does that mean you don't have to pay tax on what they pay you? If that's not true then you really only make like 40% instead of the 55% of the money brought in from ads on your channel

  2. Does anyone know how sharing earnings with another creator (the one who has the rights) work?
    I made a video reaction, and Youtube told me my earnings will be split between me and thole original creator, the owner of rights. But it's been almost one week, and I didn't get any money from this video, although it has more than 200k views. I don't do this kind of content too often, but when I made a previous video reaction (last year) and also had to share the earnings with the original creator, I still got some money. But this time, it seems like this particular video didn't make any money, although it has lot of views, and the monetization has been turned on since uploaded.
    Sometimes, I'm really confused about how this works…

  3. You are so inspiring…I've been 3 weeks and I'm trying to share my journey of paying off $124k of debt in just 16 months back in 2020 and I have remained focused towards retirement goal and increased rental property and maintain modest lifestyle financially and became a minimalist… 71 subscribers and 55 video..mostly shorts, but I really just can't figure this thing out because I want to share that journey to hope others could use to help them❤❤❤

  4. Hi! Im from Hungary, can i make money from youtube? Beacuse there are many youtubers from hungary, but i researched that hungary doesnt have acces to the partner program, i dont understand can someone explain?

  5. Thanks Justin,
    Your content is amazing. As a newby starting out, and an Aussie too, you have all the answers I need. I have just uploaded my first video. A lot more practice needed to refine it though. Working on my next video now. Just waiting on traffic to find my channel.
    Thank you,
    Gary Grey


    (The Money Religion – the religion that gets your boss fucked like a bitch)

  7. On the Merch Self, is it the same as the Youtube Shop? And can I sell merch for third-parties? Otherwise, if I can only sell my merch does it mean I will need to keep an inventory of merch, etc.? that sounds like a logistical headache.

  8. Thanks for the content as always Justin! I have a channel that just took off relatively. If this single video holds out I will almost get monetized from it alone. Does YouTube pay for the content that got you there, or only after you are monetized? Thanks for all you do and I’ve used so many of your vids to help my production quality! Keep it up!

  9. Hello do you need to be already part of the partner program i.e. have the 1000 subscribers and 4000 hour view time, before you can create and make money from shorts or can you start from scratch with the shorts and make money from the fund if the views are high enough ? Many thanks you videos are great .

  10. Thank you for helping out a way newbie, after thinking about it for a year or so I just decided to start my channels. I've been following you for years because you are so accurate and straight to the point. My question is would I make more money having three individual channels, or one channel with two subchannels? And how can I learn the do's and don'ts, the rules of YouTube so that I don't have any issues?

  11. I'm not monetized yet and I hope my niche will be significant enough to get there. The niche is Cubing like solving a Rubik's cube fast as well as tutorials, tricks.

  12. I can't get verified because it says I have to have a business and an IRS number for the business, etc. How do individuals get monetized without starting an official licensed business? They are requiring an SEC filing, or employer identification number, or a business credit report, etc etc. How do you get past that?

  13. Here is a critical question, that nobody has answered so far: If I turn off monetization on one of my videos, will YouTube play ads on that video (in which I don't earn), OR will there be no ads at all for every viewer??
    Why I ask: I want on some videos, my viewers not to be bothered by ads. So I want to turn them off. But this is useless if YouTube puts ads anyway.
    Thank you!

  14. 100% Ill never go back to ad version of YouTube lol premium all the way. I do think though that regardless of your channel status premium views should be paid regardless and then ads turn on when you hit the 1/4 mark. Do you have to have both criteria within a year ? my sub count vs view time is extremely skewed I can probably hit the view time in a couple more months but my sub count is extremely lagging even with call to actions in there

  15. But what's weird is my cousin only has 16 subscribers and I have more views than him on one video and on one of his videos it's sad this channel revived money or got free things for the making of this video. So I don't get it my channel only thirteen and a bit over three hundred views on all the videos so why don't I make some money cuz he made money or got free things.

  16. Does anyone know of a way you can pay and ask a YouTuber with a bigger platform to upload your videos to their page for the purpose of getting your message out to a broad spectrum?

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