YouTube’s Updated Gun Channel Monetization Policies – The Fight for Gun Rights

This week on The Fight, Jon Patton is talking about YouTube’s new policy on guns! Secret Affiliate link – TGC …

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41 thoughts on “YouTube’s Updated Gun Channel Monetization Policies – The Fight for Gun Rights”

  1. Are you able to monetize a video when adding a link to a gun site displayed in the video? I saw you added the sponsor’s website, does that affect monetization?

  2. As a new creator I often wonder what my future will be like when I get to the magic number of being monetized and how much youtube will let me run adds on and what they won't. I try my best to follow all the rules and even throw in disclaimers in most if not all of my videos.

  3. . I think we need to understand that if some advertisers don't want there product to be associated with some content is there right in on that case we should understand that the Chanel will not monetize , but what i don't think is fair Is that they demonetize your Chanel they still run there Adds and then don't pay you, but they are making money with your content and with your time, and the laws that we have are not up to date to protect people from this type of injustice, you guys should all get together and take Youtube to Court , but not just one all of you , and maybe I'm Wrong and maybe someone can explain to me why ?

  4. One more reason not to use YouTube anymore ….. I could see it if somebody were making videos to do something illegal, but this is based on political bias. Not good …

  5. So tired of over reach and constitutional violations. Have an email from senator Pat Toomey stating he drafted a bill to make constitutional violations a felony.

  6. I have a lot of different content on my channel. Gun reviews, knife reviews, lots of motorcycle content, some politics, etc… My channel is growing and I was starting to make a few hundred bucks a month. And then starting in January, most of my gun related videos were silently changed to "limited ads", and my channel revenue dropped by 80%… despite my viewership and subscriptions going up…

    While I have other content, its the gun reviews(Table top, not shooting) that gets most of the views… So my ability to make any money is taken away… I can keep doing the other stuff, basically for free and on my own dime I guess… But it kinda makes me want to just shut everything down… Which sucks, I was having a lot of fun with it…

  7. Great video, we posted a video shooting a wall of chain and used all “spark, flash boom” type Ammo (as we have done for years) and it was reviewed and monetized. On all but the 50 BMG spotter tracer round, we made up names for them. Lol again, the video was monetized.

  8. I've had 130 videos get limited or no ads slapped on them over the last 30. That now brings me up to 300 out of 1200 videos. What I don't understand is that the bulk of them are cleaning videos, holster reviews, a pop tart review (yes, you read that correctly) as well as a tactical koozie review. I will continue to monetize whatever I can but I think you tube is sending an even stronger message that we are not wanted here.

  9. Since movie studios aren't getting hit by these rules and most prop guns are functional firearms, every content creator needs to refer to all firearms as "prop guns" that are the "studio property" of their "video production company".

  10. Small youtube channel here. Started in the height of "gun channels" and really had fun. Slowly youtube starting hitting every vid I done for some stupid reason until now over half my vids are on limited adds. I have close to 100 vids. I was getting a nice monthly check at one point. Within 2 months my ad revenue was cut by 2/3rds. Really sucked the motivation out of me for making the videos. Ammo isn't cheap. Gun content is up there with some of the most expensive content. Youtube is slowly trying to remove all gun related content and they are winning. That's the scary part. It's scary how easily our Saturday morning gun shows on the outdoor network have dissappeard and youtube comes in to just ban the content anyways. Hard not to think this is a big plan coming to fruition to remove gun culture from America within the next few generations. The struggle is real ppl. Support your favorite gun channel. And I don't mean with a thumbs up either. Send them 5 bucks or something. Keep them going

  11. Wow, such a shocker. Once again the totally left wing anti gun liberal run youtube is tightening the noose on gun channels, hunting channels and a few other genres. what ever shall we do. Maybe some of the larger channels should have started sharing the wealth to other smaller platforms to help them grow 6-8 years ago when the writing was on the wall. Maybe then there would be healthy competition for hosting sites that could actually pay creators. Its like youtube pays juuuuuuust enough to make you think you have a chance to succeed here so gun channels wont all leave en-mass and help out other sites…. then rug pull once a year and hatchet smaller channels. Yet so few wont even mirror to other platforms.

  12. I am going to start a “Make up tutorial “ channel that just happens to have a regular dude putting “makeup” inside of “lipstick” dispensers and making cardboard beautiful!

  13. This is Anti-1st Amendment… period. Contact your representatives and let them know what you think. We MUST get control of our Right to Free Speech again! Big tech will continue to do what they want until we stop them.

  14. I’m not a youtube creator or gun owner but I find all these regulations made for gun content (and most other content) rather dubious at best.
    I watch gun channels because the content is akin to witnessing functional art and the whole point of art is to escape and or deepen the connections with our reality.
    I have a lawful and educational interest in guns as well but that tends to clash with social end equitable ideals so artistic expression is usually the only tolerated topic with guns if at all.

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